Monday, 11 September 2017

Pinup Picnic 2017

Hi lovelies,

So it's been a couple of months since our annual Pinup Picnic and I swear it feels like an age ago! Especially with the autumnal weather well on the way.

It was a brilliant day though and we're so thankful that so many of you came along and showed your support. And a huge thank you to those of you who donated (congrats to our raffle winners too!).

Due to typical British weather, the event was more of a Pinup Picnic in the Bar, held at Barrio Shoreditch. As the other new Belles were yet to be announced, Charlotte, Minky and Zoe did an absolutely fantastic job organising the event ... for my part I just got lost before stalking a couple of you gorgeously dressed people in the hope that you were headed to the bar!

The venue certainly didn't let us down. The food and drink was great - some of us may have had a little more to drink than others! - the company was of course fantastic and the lighting was perfect for all our selfies!

It was so wonderful to meet so many lovely people, some of whom had travelled quite a way just to be here. The effort that everyone made to get to know people and make for a fantastic time was just brilliant and we want to thank each and every one of you for creating such a positive vibe.

As many of us as possible will be attending and organising other events, from mini meetups to more picnics! We'll also be reporting from other events (as you may have seen from our live stream on instagram) and we'd love to see more of you there.

Lots of love,
The Belles
Lois Loren xx

I've included a number of photos from the events that I've just gathered from some of you who were there!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Review - Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos Hair Turbans

Hello ladies,

An Introduction

It's Zoe here aka The Vintage Giraffe , a new Belle and content contributor for this here blog of pink-ness! Most of my posts will be written on behalf of The British Belles so I'll mostly be using "we/our", you'll know a post is by me by the signature which will read "Love, the VG xXx".

The British Belles have been very busy in the last couple of weeks organising our 3rd super successful Pinup Picnic event, appointing 5 new Belles to our ranks (keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post), as well as lots of planning to give you all some fantastic content and mini meet-ups in the next few months. If you have a venue idea for a mini meet-up please do contact us as we'd love to reach as many of you as possible!

The Review

Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos Hairbands and Turbans are very well established products in our ever-stylish community and for good reason as this review will discuss.

Vintage Style Turban/Headband Style
The first product we'll review is the Vintage Style Turban/Headband Style. The headbands are made to order with a few options for knot shape:

Photo courtesy of Sarah's Etsy page

My one is in a Pumpkin Orange or Sienna colour jersey and "wrapped" knot style, which I will refer to as a diadem.


I am a frequent wearer of turbans, hair wraps and scarves myself whether in cultural or historical styles. So, having a "ready-made" turban has always been appealing to me; add the fact that they're available in many colours and styles and this turban gets a YASSSS from me!

Technically this hairband is very well made - despite the permanent stitches there is room in the stretchy jersey material to adapt the diadem to your preferred shape and style. The jersey material makes wearing this turban very comfortable and breathable for those rare warm days! Also, the turbans/headbands are hand washable which is perfect for me, as I have regular batches of hand-washing what with delicate vintage pieces and hand-wash only reproduction pieces.

Summer Headband Turban
The second product is a custom knot version of the Summer Headband Turban in Pale Yellow Stripe.

I strongly recommend grabbing one of these summer headbands while the material stock last, they're so bright and perfect for any holidays you have planned, whether it be Cornwall or La Riviera!

Photo Courtesy of Sarah's Etsy page

I would suggest the Summer Hairband as a good starter point for those who perhaps have worn scarves as hairbands for a "landgirl" or "rockabilly" look but aren't ready to go full turban yet as this hairband is an easy read-to-wear version. This hairband, as with the Vintage Style Turban/Headband, is very well stitched and is laid out in a way that can be adjusted to suit your want for each use. For example, as I have an oval shaped face and the knot is flat I decided to wear mine to the side.

It's worth mentioning here too that Sarah has made one-off custom turbans and hairbands using velvet or lurex materials and other patterns too. So do contact her if you'd like something specific for a special event or to match a favourite dress!


My one concern is one of the current benefits: the stretch. I do worry that frequent stretching over my masses of hair and - what I perceive to be - large head, will stretch the fabric to the point that it doesn't sit on my head in a flattering way. I'm aware that this is a concern that won't be relevant for a while and perhaps you ladies have a solution for this?

 The Verdict

Go forth and purchase! We'd love to see you in your turbans/headbands, especially if you've had one custom made, so please do tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed the review ladies; if you have a product you'd like us to review please contact us and feel free to pop us a comment below if you enjoyed the review and/or have any suggestions regarding the stretchy concern!

Until next time,

Love, the VG xXx

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Pin Up Picnic in the Bar

Our third annual Pin Up event has now been and gone, it was an incredible weekend and I'm so pleased that all the months of planning and organising paid off.

I have to say out of the three years of running this event this has by far been my favorite year.

Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for every single one of you that came dressed to the absolute nines and ready to mingle and make friends. 

Thank you to every single one of you that didn't decide to be put of by a simple change of venue (Thank you Minky for sorting that out for us last minute) and happily came across London or stayed the weekend to attend our Event. 

We will be doing a couple of posts covering the actual event but here I mainly just wanted to thank all the following brands for donating prizes to our charity raffle

This year we decided to raise money for Shelter, homeless charity and we raised over £1000 thanks to all of the brands and companies who donates gifts and every single one of you out there who donated even a £1. every single £1 makes a difference to someone's life and lets home we've managed to make a huge difference to someone's life. 

So here's a huge thank you to:

Thank you for donating prizes which made our raffle so appealing and helped us to raise as much as we did for such an incredible cause.

Thank you to the companies who have donated to us since the very first event and donated every year since, it really means the world to us!

Keep those eyes peeled for more posts on the winners, the event itself and photos of course!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pretty in Pink

Well where to start with this beautiful, ultra feminine 50's number from Campbell Crafts!
 Firstly of course it's our signature colour PINK! so we loved it instantly. Secondly it has the ultimate 1950's vibe, which you'd hope for being called the 'Diner' dress.

I had a few sizing issues with this particular number due to a weight change so I wasn't my usual size but I think this one fits pretty well.

The dress has the perfect length skirt, just about over mid calf which is a length I adore anything higher just doesn't feel right and lower makes me look about 1 ft tall, for a short lady this matters immensely.
The amount of material in the skirt blew me away, a proper full circle. there's something about lots of marvelous material it makes it feel so fun, so feminine and you just want to head off to a local hall and do some jive and swing dance to show off that incredible full skirt in action. I had to settle for twirling around in my garden for now.

I decided to pair my diner dress with some Rocket Original white leather shoes (thanks dad for white polishing the scuff marks off for me) and some amazing double lily hair clips I managed to grab for the bargain price of £3 each from ASDA! if you haven't got these already I'd make a stop at your local ASDA and pick some up ASAP! they are sure to be a summer hair staple for me this year and many to come.


Beautiful cut and style - love the collar detail

Full skirt - lots of material to play with

Sleeve length - I maybe would have made it a little shorter but the detailing on it is perfect

Rounded collar - diner perfection just like Campbell Crafts diner shirts which I'm also now hooked on and may need every colour way.

Pattern and Colour - there's no denying pink was always going to be a firm favorite and I am crazy for gingham's right now.


I seem to be super unlucky with belt, the belt for this dress is exactly the same as the one for the rock n Romance gingham dress. Sadly they just don't suit me at all but I have seen this dress on other ladies and the belt looks marvelous on them. Alas for me it just isn't meant to be.

Oh please please include some hidden down either side seam pockets, I'd love some pockets added!

You can buy yours HERE!

Pin Up Picnic Perfect again! if your still looking for a picnic outfit look no further! This little dress is perfect for sipping a cocktail and eating a sausage roll while posing with a parasol on the grass in Hyde Park

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